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Sep 16, 2011


Ekol Moduler Mobilya Tic. Ltd. Sti. that commenced manufacturing as a Small-Sized Enterprise (SME) in 1996 has continuously updated its investment by closely following technology. It has succeeded in growing into one of the today’s leading companies in its area of office furniture sector by virtue of the importance it has attached on R&D and design. In the light of this development, Ekol Moduler Mobilya has become a demanded brand name in the national and international arena with its trademark VOLO® & OXYGEN® in a covered area of 10,000 m², CNC and NC controlled machinery having German and Italian technology, organizational contributions of its strong technical staff.

VOLO® & OXYGEN®, paying great attention to the manufacturing and service quality, certified this with ISO 9001:2008 certification awarded by the international system certification body TÜV. It was also awarded TSE certificate of product quality after all of its products having being tested as required.

Ekol Moduler Mobilya trains personnel qualified for its own system by organizing trainings in all the essential areas from the operational studies to the management for the purpose of the improvement of the existing personnel.

It has come a very long way in export since 2000. Ekol Moduler Mobilya has increased its market share through its products known abroad as the brand VOLO® and become an industrial establishment that adds significant value to our country. This progress is the very epitome of the gradual growth of Ekol Moduler Mobilya which exports to 22 countries and devotes 51 per cent of its manufacturing to export.

Having adopted the principle of Total Quality Management in manufacturing and providing service, Ekol Moduler Mobilya has been working together with special designers for the past two years. Its endeavour is to make differences at offices with its new products that have been put into service to its customers and to catch up with newly demonstrated tendencies.

Displaying its presence in projects too as of 2008, Ekol Moduler Mobilya has also incorporated the personnel that will provide it with architectural support accordingly.

It has embraced a customer oriented working principle, has based all of its studies on scientific grounds in order to provide better service and has collaborated with and received support from universities in the parallel manner. It provides service with a participative and productive perspective open for improvement, analysing any customer complaints and requests, conducting improvement studies depending on those feedbacks on a continuous basis