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Feb 27, 2012


DOGRU METAL Our company that represented growth on production of metal goods sector in Turkey and as a result of this, took place among well-known companies, began its firts production in 2004 at Konya Meram facilities. As a result of our efforts to increase our product quality, production speed and continuity and our service quality along with growth and modernization factors; our service-providing company had an important and visible increase. Today, DOGRU got free of other firms of DOGRU METAL through different style, extraordinarily various and original works it catched and made it a well-known brand in Turkey with its staff experienced in production and sales within its facilities. DOGRU that acts according to the thought of customer when buying metal goods and which knows what customer wants very well could reach to the homes of many people with products created by its staff in various models and accessories. Today, houses, offices use our products manufactured by DOGRU, and all of our customers can benefit from increasing warranty conditions. Our company that has got a wide product range has a collection consisting of various models and accessories such as profile ladder, aluminium ladder, ironing board, coat hanger etc as well as pleated marketing/shopping carts with wire and bag, laundry hanger. Different style in its products and diversity in its models also could address to the every budget.

Year Established:     2005
# of Employees:     22
Annual Sales:     1000000
Company Type:     GERÇEK KISI

Product List:     shopping cart,shopping trolley,laundry,whells,
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