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Nov 12, 2015

Road sweepers Manufacturers Turkey: Erdemli Makina


Adress : Organize San. Böl. Salih Aydın Bulvarı No: 3 - Çorum, Turkey
Phone : +90 364 254 97 23
 Fax : +90 364 254 95 32

Erdemli Machinery Industry Co. Inc. Has been producing vacuum road sweepers for almost 30 years since early 80’s at its facilities of 27.000 m2 in Çorum Organized Industrial Zone. Erdemli Machinery, is the first company who produced truck mounted vacuum road sweepers. It is the market leader in this field both in Turkey and neighboring countries. Along with sister companies; Erdemli Hydrolic and Otoyapı Machinery's products Erdemli Machinery is extensively supplying vacuum and hydrolic sweeping machine needs of small and large settlement municipalities. Erdemli Machinery, also exporting its products, directly or via sales network organization to various countries around the world.

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