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Dec 14, 2015

Flexible insulation material manufacturers Turkey: ARMACEL


DAS RUBBER, which was founded by Ilgaz DALKILIÇ, Koray SARI and Ömer SİRKECİ in a 8000 m2 closed area in Bursa Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone in 2010, works on manufacturing of elastomeric rubber sponge used in mechanical installments sector for heat ınsulation. DAS RUBBER, rising every single day with its performance momentum, proving that this is not a daily thought with its activities, having completed its organizational structure, advancing every day with its R&D and quality-system works and being environmentally friendly, became a company which was nominated for 2011 "Insulation Sector Achievement Awards - Investment of Year Award" thanks to its quality and outstanding success. It was also nominated in 2012 in the category of "Insulation Sector Achievement Awards - Investment of Year Award" for the export oriented perspective and continuing R&D works and new product range which was brought to the sector. DAS RUBBER, which has been continuously developing, sustaining its development by following the sector and technology closely since its foundation, feels right proud of being a leader company in the sector, which exports the most in the sector and keeps Turkey's flag flying in the countries which was never exported before. DAS RUBBER, being one of the most important introduction representatives of the sector and the country with participated domestic and overseas fairs, actively takes place within the 500 billion USD export target of Turkey for 2023 by exporting to many countries around the world. It is a company, which advances to be the leader brand in the sector without compromising principles of owned product variety, client, product and quality philosophy with its sales directors independent of each other around Turkey, and does its part for the development of today's insulation industry. DAS RUBBER advances rapidly to be a leader in the sector with the created otherness thanks to its own vision, values, infrastructure, facilities, technology, quality, social projects, professional and experienced human resources. With the aim of realizing these targets, the activities targeting the introduction of ONEFLEX Elastomeric Rubber sponge insulation materials to large masses by using visual and written sources, founding the department of marketing for foreign trade, establishing dealerships in 14 provinces, participating in fairs, awareness raising trainings of Machine Engineers, who prepare Insulation Projects on choosing insulation materials, and visit of overseas clients were carried out.

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