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Dec 17, 2015

Synthetic Yarn Manufacturers Turkey: GUR IPLIK


Gur Cotton under Gur Iplik San. Tic. A.S. was established in 2011. With two machinery line which one of them is for cotton yarn and the other is for short synthetic fiber yarn production the company manufactures cotton yarn and cotton type synthetic yarn with 6.100 ton/year capacity and 200 staff. The company manufactures single or doubled yarns between the range of 12/1 and 40/1 NE with the raw materials below; 100% cotton cotton + acrylic viscose + acrylic 100% viscose cotton + viscose viscose + nylon 100% acrylic cotton + wool viscose + polyester 100% polyester cotton + polyester

cotton yarns
fiber yarns
short synthetic fiber yarns
short synthetic yarns
synthetic yarns
cotton type synthetic yarns
acrylic yarns
viscose yarns
polyester yarns
cotton acrylic yarns
viscose acrylic yarns
cotton viscose yarns
cotton wool yarns
wool yarns
cotton polyester yarns
mixed yarns
blended yarns
cotton threads
fiber threads
short synthetic fiber threads
short synthetic threads
synthetic threads
cotton type synthetic threads
acrylic threads
viscose threads
polyester threads
cotton acrylic threads
viscose acrylic threads
cotton viscose threads
cotton wool threads
wool threads
cotton polyester threads
mixed threads
blended threads
cotton yarn
fiber yarn
short synthetic fiber yarn
short synthetic yarn
synthetic yarn
cotton type synthetic yarn
acrylic yarn
viscose yarn
polyester yarn
cotton acrylic yarn
viscose acrylic yarn
cotton viscose yarn
cotton wool yarn
wool yarn
cotton polyester yarn
mixed yarn
blended yarn
cotton thread
fiber thread
short synthetic fiber thread
short synthetic thread
synthetic thread
cotton type synthetic thread
acrylic thread
viscose thread
polyester thread
cotton acrylic thread
viscose acrylic thread
cotton viscose thread
cotton wool thread
wool thread
cotton polyester thread
mixed thread
blended thread