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Jul 30, 2017

Medical Devices Turkey, Medical Devices Turkish Companies


Medical Devices Turkey, Medical Devices Turkish Companies, Medical Devices
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TEKNOMAR is found in 1993, and manufactures high techonology devices used in
various field and sectors with 8 different group under its TEKNOMAR Brand.
TEKNOMAR is number one in R&D and breaks new ground in Turkeyin manufactured
devices under TEKNOMAR Brand such as Surgical Tool Sterilization devices, Clean
Room accesories, BioSafety Cabinets, Air Purifier and Climinate systems. Also, it
conserves to be the pioneer in the particle and climate control devices such as
Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization devices, Industrial Type Ethylene Oxide Gas
Sterilizators, Asepticizers. Based on consumer satisfaction, we produce constantly
evolving and economical products without sacrifing quality and export them
approximately 20 countries. TEKNOMAR has 3000 m2of service and production area.
Sterilization center, which is located in the factory bulding, has 500 m2 Class 100000
as well as 30 m2 Class 1000 areaand 20 m3 volume/day capacity industrial type
ethylene oxide sterilization device and gives reliable and affordable sterilization
services according to European norms (EN). TEKNOMAR has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO
13485:2003 quality management system and our products are CE certified according
to 93/42/MDD.

Contact Details
Address: Uzayçağı Bulvarı, 1269 Sk., No :29 06370, Ostim, Ankara, Turkey
Contact Person: Ferhat İNAL
Phone: +90 312 385 00 40
Fax: +90 312 385 67 84

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