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Jul 30, 2017

Shower Tray Turkey, Shower Tray Turkish Companies

Shower Tray Turkey, Shower Tray Turkish Companies, Shower Tray Manufacturers
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Contact Details
Address: İkitelli Org. San. Böl., Pik Dökümcüler San. Sit. A/4 Blok No: 3, Başakşehir,
İstanbul, Turkey
Contact Person: Bilgin SACU
Phone: +90 212 595 50 10
Fax: +90 212 595 30 33

As UBM Plastik we manufacture and supply hardwares, fittings, pvc accessories,
aluminum accessories, construction materials, showers, shower screens, shower
trays, bathroom accessories, plastic vents, hardware guns, window accessories,
flynets, flynet accessories, hardware, fitting, pvc accessory, aluminum accessory,
construction material, shower, shower screen, shower tray, bathroom accessory,
plastic vent, hardware gun, window accessory, flynet, flynet accessory, shower screen
accessories, overflows, shower screen handles, shower screen bearings, overflows
with joint, shower overflows, epoxy guns, silicone guns, air guns, glass wedge
chocks, glass shovels, glass vents, screening spline rollers, security latches,
ventilation latches, utility knives, window handles, corner chocks, screening locks,
screening handles, screening hinges, screening binder pads, corner support chocks,
mullion connectors, screening handles on mesh...

UBM has kept its position in the sector with its new patented products that have ISO
9001 -2000, TSE and other certificates. By brands of Airvent UBM developed in 2000.
It has contributed much to both country economy and its own stucture by boing
active in foreign and domestic trade. Our company started to manufacturing showers,
bathtubs, shower trays, shower cabinets as UBMBATH brand in 2016. UBM priority is
customer satisfaction and delivery of customer demand on time. It has always been
in effort to serve in the best way by high product quality and investments of research
development From PVC accessories to aluminium accessories and hardware sector.
UBM that is capable to make all accessories and bathroom products to be used in
manufacturing wholesale will keep serving all its customers. Completed in 2014; our
faciSty in an 6000 m’- indoor space is built on an 11000m’ area.

Aluminum Accessories
Pvc Accessories
Construction Materials
Bathroom Accessories
Shower Trays
Shower Tray
Air Gun
Utility Knife