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Dec 31, 2017

Artificial Leather Manufacturers in Turkey

Artificial Leather Manufacturers in Turkey:  DEHA DERI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.

Since its founding in 2007, Deha Leather has been a significant contributor to the Turkish economy and has been a pioneer in the artificial leather sector, which is one of the foundations of the Turkish economy, with its philosophy of quality and innovative work. By keeping up with the preferences of today's consumers and the innovations of the market, we have enlarged the variety of products in the product group and also made it easier for customers to reach our customers with İzmir branch. As Deha Leather, for our target of being a 'brand' in our areas of activity we worked hard in the direction of our beliefs and principles. Our company's basic principles are; fast, honest and constantly renewing itself and being a progressive structure. With our 27-year business experience of our founder Cem Murat Ünsal who entered the sector in 1990, our basic principles were honesty, absolute customer satisfaction, constant investment and human respect. Our basic approach to continuous growth and development is to work with the conscious of giving value to our customers and our employees. We are living the happiness of carrying our basic principles from day to day and further developing. In Deha Leather, on the one hand, the advantages of being a family business are used; on the other hand, we give importance to institutionalization studies, productivity improvement methods, R & D studies, restructuring in management and training programs especially for the employees of the workplace and personal development of our employees at all levels. Achievement ensures growth and progress. The quality of the goods and services produced during the information age, which is rapidly and continuously developed, is not only enough but it has become more important to reach the buyer at the best price and in time as well as the product quality standard. We aim to create plans that will immediately adapt to new world markets, determine strategies, invest in new fields and to be in constant change and development. Our company thanks to its experienced management team, experienced and productive employees, by combining customer satisfaction oriented service understanding with the knowledge and experience in the sectors in which the company operates, achieves to provide the best service to our customers.

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